Hiking to Kaskikot Durbar/Palace

On February 5, 2017 me including my friends Sachin Giri and Prakash Ghimire went to hiking to the Kaskikot. The place is awesome.

Our route: Malepatan -> Lovely hill -> Sarangkot -> Kaskikot -> Kaskikot Palace

We were couple of friends who have recently completed our Bachelor. We realized that this is one of the golden age to travel and hike. Since we are from Pokhara, we decided to hike within or near the valley. Then we choose Kaskikot.

On the Sunday morning at around 5:30 we gathered in Malepatan near my home. I waited for about 30 minutes before two of my friends arrived. Then we begin walking towards the Lovely hill. On the way to Lovely Hill, we took some breakfast near Samata Niketan School in Parsyang.

After about 30 minutes of break we started our journey, we went through beautiful places of Pokhara valley as seen from there. It was not so new but it is always so great to see that scene. Next with around 2 hours of walk and some 5/10 minutes of break we reached to Sarangkot. We went to Sarangkot view tower after paying some fee and took some snap of ours as well as of the Mountains which were shinning in the north.

Sarangkot View Tower
(From left to right) Sachin Giri, Sudeep Acharya(me) and Prakash Ghimire

Next we went towards the Kaskikot, we took the Bus route instead of the new trekking route.

Board showing the trekking trail from Sarangkot to Kaskikot
On the way to Kaskikot from Sarangkot
Kashyap Lake on the way to Kaskikot

Then after around 2 hours of walk with some break to wonder in the nature, we finally arrived to the Kaskikot. The road was so dusty, we could have taken the new trekking trail instead.

In the 0 point in the Kaskikot, we took some breakfast for about half an hour and then we started walking. It took around 25 minutes to reach the top for us.

Entrance to Kaskikot Durbar
Northern view from Kaskikot Durbar
Kaskikot Kalika Temple/ Kaskikot Durbar

After taking some photographs and wondering in the Nature for about 1 hour, we went back the the 0 point and took the Bus from there. By the bus we came to Baglung bus park and from there we went home on foot.

In this way we had a awesome hike to Kaskikot. It can be one day hike or two day hike.


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