Convocation Ceremony – Pokhara University 2017

I am the graduated Student of Gandaki College of Engineering and Science of Batch 2012 and the faculty is Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering.

Last year in October, 2016, the final Semester examination was completed. And then the result arrived after about 3 months. The 14th convocation ceremony of Pokhara University was held in 20th of February 2017. The convocation was a great memory and experience for me since there was no such day in the past when i did my SLC and Plus two(High school). There used to be a small farewell program conducted by School after the completion. But this convocation after completing the bachelor is great day to remember.

Below is the photo taken in my home with my parents. It was a great feeling when i kept that black hat in my head.

Photo taken in my home at Malepatan, Pokhara-5 with my parents

The convocation started at around 10:00. When i arrived at the Pokhara University there was a huge crowd of parents and the students who were seen beautiful in those dresses. I met my batch mates outside the gate and they were just clipping the coat so that it won’t fall.

My mother, grandmother and my maternal uncle was also present to celebrate with me. Me and my friends went inside the gate, the program was already started. There was separate chairs for the graduates to sit in. There were about 20 friends of my class and some other from other batches around 10 graduates from my college.

In the ceremony Welcome Speech was given by प्रा. चिरन्जीवी प्रसाद शर्मा and the commencement speech was given by Honorable President Bidhya Devi Bhandari.


Students of Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences (GCES)
Students of Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences (GCES)

There was happiness all around the University. In the convocation ceremony i was very happy to see some of my high school friends.

Below is the video of hat throwing by us, the students of Gandaki College of Engineering and Science.



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