Observer in Local Election Nepal 2074

I got a chance to Volunteer as a Observer in local election which was held in 31 Baisakh 2074 (14th of May 2017) from Forum for protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR/ मानब अधिकार संरक्षक मंच under Collective Campaign For Peace (COCAP).

I almost went for observation in 15 different Election Center in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan, Kaski. The overall Election was peaceful in the places i observed.

In some of the Election center i got the permission for taking photographs.

Some Photographs of Local Election 2074, Pokhara Lekhnath Metro Politan City

Local Election Nepal 2074
सिद्द उच्च मा. बि, पोखरा लेखनाथ – १५ , फलेपाटन
नबिन उच्च मा. बि, गैरापाटन, पोखरा
कोलपाटन, पोखरा लेखनाथ – १५, ओडा कार्यालय
कालिका पब्लिक कलेज, पोखरा लेखनाथ – १०, रामबजार
जनप्रिय उच्च मा. बि., पोखरा लेखनाथ – ८, सिमलचौर (Sealing the Ballot Box After Election)
जनप्रिय उच्च मा. बि., पोखरा लेखनाथ – ८, सिमलचौर (Taking the Ballot box to safe location for counting)

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